Q. What is HPE Engage & Grow? 

A. HPE Engage & Grow is a fully automated web-based engagement program for HPE Partners.  HPE Engage & Grow was developed to increase business growth, while recognizing and compensating sales representatives for their knowledge and sales of qualifying HPE products with minimal administrative effort and without loss of productivity.  

Q. Who can participate in HPE Engage & Grow? 
A. HP Engage & Grow is open to invited Distributors as well as HPE Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Business membership partners. Resellers without a contract with HPE may register without an invitation pending HPE approval. Administrators and Sales Representatives who register in the program are also welcome to participate once their company is registered in the program. All Participants must be 18 years of age or older.  

Q. Where can I obtain more information about the HPE Engage & Grow Engagement Program? 
A. For more information, please visit About the Program, contact us at, or CHAT LIVE with us at

Q. How can I contact customer service? 
A. You may contact a program specialist via LIVE CHAT at or via e-mail at


Q. What information is requested in the registration page? 
A. General information such as name, last name, e-mail address, birthday, telephone number, position in the company, and mailing address.  

Q. Where can I register? 
A. You only need to register once. Visit the program’s website at and follow these simple steps: Click on “Register Now,” enter and confirm your email, complete the registration, and accept the Official Terms and Conditions of the program. If you are an Administrator or a Sales Representative, you will have full access to the platform once your company’s owner completes the company registration process.

Q. Who is the Administrator? 
A. Your company’s Administrator is responsible for adding, accepting, and rejecting member participation. This person keeps the company’s contact information updated and is responsible for distributing Points earned by Sales Representatives.

Q. How will I know if my registration has been approved? 
A. You will receive an e-mail notification confirming your registration.  

Q. How can I change my contact information? 
A. To change your contact information, go to My Account and select My Information.

Q.What is the unsubscription process for the program?
A. Companies can retire from the program at any time by sending an email to the support mail:
It is important to highlight that the registration of a company in HPE ENGAGE&GROW LATAM is not fully completed until the OWNER and ADMIN accept the T&Cs completely. The T&Cs must be signed at the beginning of each calendar year.
Users may also resign from the program at any time by sending an email to the support email address:
The Administrator's main task is to keep his company's sales force registered and updated on the platform. For this reason, the ADMIN is responsible for REMOVING or INACTIVATING SALES REPS who no longer participate in the program.



Q. What is a Point? 

A. Points are the official system unit for the HP Engage & Grow Program.  

Q. Who can accumulate Points? 
A.All users registered as Administrators or Sales Representatives can accumulate Points.  

Q. When can I start accumulating Points?

A. Once the registration is 100% completed and approved by the Administrator, you wil receive your first 50 Points.

IMPORTANT: The Administrator of the company receives 20 Points for each new Sales Rep that completes registration en HPE E&G. If the reseller has selected a Distributor, the Administrator of the Distributor also receives 5 Points on behalf each new Sales Representatives that completes registration.

Q. How do I accumulate Points?
A. Accumulate Points by selling participating HPE products, passing online e-learning trainings, and participating in other qualifying activities. Behavioral activities can include online trainings, attending local HPE events, and other specified activities. You will have the opportunity to redeem Points for fabulous rewards by accessing the program’s online catalog.  

Q. Where can I view my Point balance? 
A. To view your Points balance, go to My Account and select My Points.

Q. Can Points expire? If so, when? 
A. Yes, points do expire. Please contact for more information.

Q. Can another member and I combine Points to redeem a reward? 
A. No. It is not possible to combine Points from the accounts of different users.  

Q. Can I transfer my Points to another person within my company?
A. No. Points are non-transferable.   

Q. Which are the participating products? 
A. You can view all of participating products upon login in and clicking products on the menu bar.  



Q. How can I redeem a reward?
A. To redeem a reward you must first redeem your points by visiting the "Reward Catalog" section. Click on the "Redeem" button for the desired item, read the Reward Rules and click the "Accept" button.

Q. When will I receive my reward?
A. Rewards will be delivered within 15 – 30 business days after the approval date. Rewards will only be delivered on working days (Monday through Friday, except holidays).

Q. How can I verify the Status of my Rewards?
A. To verify the status of your rewards you can go to My Account > My Information > My Rewards and you will find the details of your rewards.

Q. Will I receive a notification with the status of my reward?
A. Yes, you will receive email notifications for the status of the reward with the following subjects:
• HPE Engage&Grow – Reward Requested.
• Congratulations! Your reward has been approved!
• Your HPE Engage&Grow’s reward has shipped.
• Your reward has been delivered.

Q. What does each reward status mean?

• Requested: Your reward has not been processed yet.
• Approved: Your reward being processed.
• Shipped: Your reward is on its way.
• Delivery: The reward has been delivered to your office.
• Rejected: Your reward was cancelled.

Q. How will I receive my reward?
A. Rewards are delivered via an international courier or a local courier. Two delivery attempts will be made in your office.

In the case of electronic gift cards, you can access them by clicking on Rewards, and going to the details of your reward in the My Rewards section.

Q. Where am I going to receive my reward?
A. Rewards will only be delivered to the office address indicated at the time of confirming a redemption.

Q. Can I return my reward?
A. Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged. If a reward product has been received in error or if the reward is damaged, please contact Customer Support within the 8 weeks of the redeem date.

Q. Can I cancel a reward order?
A. Once an order is submitted it cannot be changed or cancelled.


For more information, please contact us via email at or CHAT LIVE with a specialist at